Childcare and Accessibility

CHILDCARE: We are very happy to offer childcare for parents of children offered by the Early Childhood Education program of City College of San Francisco! The childcare facilities, which offer a playground and a playroom can be found in the campus courtyard. Parents must sign their children, leave a cellphone number with the teachers, and check in every two hours.

Accompanied children of all ages are always welcome in event sessions.

ACCESSIBILITY: The event is in a community college campus and is accessible to people in wheelchairs and those with other mobility needs. The Valencia Street entry way has a slight slope. All classrooms have a row reserved for people who desire to be near a doorway. This year, we have reduced the number of exhibitors in the main spaces which will make maneuverability easier.

SCENT POLICY: Please be considerate of people who are sensitive to chemicals and other scents and refrain from wearing them at the Fair.

BATHROOM ACCESS: While the campus has traditional “Men’s Room” and “Women’s Room” signs posted, during the Fair, these bathrooms should be considered gender-neutral. Please allow attendees to use the bathroom of their choice.

WHAT WE NEED TO WORK ON FOR NEXT YEAR: We would like to figure out how to increase access for people with hearing disabilities. We apologize that at this point in the Fair, we do not have that resource available.