Exhibitor Information!

Are you publishing or producing books, zines, chapbooks, or videos relevant to the Howard Zinn Book Fair’s themes? Then you are invited to exhibit with us at our next Book Fair, to be held on November 19th, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a perfect event to reach a politically-engaged, diverse group of people with your works. We normally attract about 1500 people throughout the day. We will accept applications until all of the tables have been sold.

To easily apply, just email us at zinnbookfair <<at>> gmail.com. We”ll get back to you within 48 hours. Just give us a short description of your books, organization or project in your message.

When you have received your acceptance notification, please pay for your tables as promptly as possible using the links (embedded in the texts below).

Half Table-$75.00

Full Table-$125.00

Two Tables: $225.00

Three Tables: $375.00

Activist Group Half Table (No Merchandise!!! If selling books or merchandise please pick Half Table or Full Table.) $50.00

Solidarity Donation (Help us fly out authors, provide childcare and pay the bills.) From each, to each.

The Howard Zinn Book Fair is a volunteer-run, non-sectarian left event. We do not rent tables to organizations with a track record of targeting marginalized communities. Such organizations are perfectly capable of organizing their own events.