Would you like to sell your books, ‘zines, videos or art the 2019 Howard Zinn Book Fair? To apply for a table please fill out this brief table application form.

Please read carefully:

  • Table size: 6×3, includes two chairs.
  • We can’t guarantee access to electrical outlets, so make sure that you have your payment instruments charged up ready to go.
  • The venue has strong guest Wifi, but we do not guarantee or promise access.
  • Publishers can rent a maximum of three tables. (Pending approval from Planning Committee)
  • We do allow publishers to “rep” for other publishers who can’t make it in person. HOWEVER additional tables must be filled completely with books from the repped publisher. (Carrying a single title from a sister publisher does not allow you to exceed the three table limit, filling an entire table with their stock does.)
  • Load in will be at 8am, using the white loading zone on the Valencia Street side. Free parking is usually abundant on Sunday mornings. If not, paid parking can be found around the corner at the Bartlett Street Garage. Do not use the underground parking at the campus.
  • Please plan to table with us until 5pm.

The Zinn Book Fair is a non-sectarian left event. We always welcome a wide variety of political traditions left traditions. We do reserve the right to refuse a table to any organization with a track record of targeting marginalized communities or those who simply are not relevant to our focus on People’s History.