Below is a preliminary list of sessions for the 2019 Howard Zinn Book Fair. We will publish a full session schedule and description of each session in the coming weeks. NOTE: all titles and speaker lists are subject to change.

On Strike!

  • Against Work? The Politics of Labor Time
    • Jane McAlevey, Jamie McCallum, Amy Gray-Schlink
  • The Oakland Teachers Strike: Self-Activity is the Key to the Class Struggle
    • Speakers TBA
  • The Yellow Vest Movement: A Report From France
    • Camille Chachou, Jean Laurant
  • Fighting for Justice in California’s Fields
    • Gabriel Thompson, Esmeralda Zendejas, California Farmworker (TBA)
  • Dockworker Strikes in Durban, San Francisco Bay Area, and Beyond
    • Peter Cole, Charmaine Chua, Stacey Rodgers
  • Voices from the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong
    • Speakers TBA
  • Strikes, Class Struggle and Choke Points
    • Robert Ovetz, Immanuel Ness, Gifford Hartman

Feminism and Women’s Liberation

  • Silvia Federici on Witches, The Commons, Reclaiming the Body and Discovering Our Power
    • Silvia Federici, Jenny Worly
  • Angry Women Rise Up: Channeling Anger Into Action
    • Dani Burlison (facilitator), Michelle Gonzales, Airial Clark, Christine No, Ariel Erskine, Lorelle Saxena
  • Fat, Pretty and Soon to Be Old: Re-directing Resources from the Beauty Project
    • Kimberly Dark
  • Panel Discussion: Sexual Liberation and the Left
    • Luma Nichol, Lewis Finzel, Audrey Crescenti, Gia Isabella
  • Social Reproduction Theory, Women’s Work and Strikes
    • Erica West, Jessica Hansen-Weaver

Confronting War, Occupation, and Imperialism

  • Murder Incorporated: Empire, Genocide, and Manifest Destiny
    • Stephen Vittoria, Noelle Hanrahan + Recorded Statement from Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Report from the West Bank
    • Susan Rahman, additional speakers TBA
  • A Tribute to Howard Zinn’s Antiwar Legacy
    • Lester Bruens, additional speakers TBA
  • Mobilizing Veterans Against Trump
    • Suzanne Gordon, Veterans Health Care Policy Institute, Ian Hoffman, American Federation of Government Employees, and Paul Cox, Veterans for Peace
  • DROP the MIC: Strategies for Grassroots Divestment from the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)
    • Speakers TBA
  • Imperialism, Anti-Imperialism and International Socialist Solidarity Today
    • Ashley Smith, Frieda Afary, Emma Wilde Botta, Linda Quiquivix

Ecology and Climate Change

  • Striking for a People’s Green New Deal
    • Speakers TBA

Black Liberation

  • Reparations for Slavery: The Historical Case
    • Katherine Franke, Nicholas Baham III

Media and Democracy

  • United States of Distraction: Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (and what we can do about it)
    • Mickey Huff, Nolan Higdon

Right to the City

  • Transportation & the Left: What is Democratic Socialist Mobility?
    • Jason Henderson, Kafui Ablode Attoh
  • The Downsizing and Corporatization of City College of San Francisco
    • Madeline Mueller, Edgar Torres, Rick Baum

Writing Toward Liberation

  • Imagining the Future, Writing Liberation
    • 826 staff member and young authors from the workshop
  • Inspiration and Perspiration: Words Backed Up by Action
    • Kim Shuck, Tongo Eisen Martin, Sriram Shamasunder and Shizue Seigel
  • A Poor People-Led Revolution: Building, Manifesting and Fighting for Land, Resources and Reparations with Poverty Skola-Led Theory, Art, Words & Tears.
    • Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia
  • Teaching Resistance: Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom
    • Alice Bag, Michelle Cruz Gonzales, and John Mink

Fiction and Politics

  • The novel as counter-history: how fiction can serve truth by departing from fact
    • Steven Mayers and Ben Kostival
  • Revolutionary Dreams: Feminist Speculative Visions for the Future
    • Debbie Notkin, Charlie Anders, Mark Soderstrom

Refugee Struggles

    • Adrianne Aron and Hedi Framm-Anton
  • Solito, Solita: Crossing Borders with Youth Refugees from Central America
    • Steven Mayers, Jonathan Freedman, Soledad Castillo, Gabriel Méndez

Indigenous History

  • A Strike against the US historical Narrative: An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People
    • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Debbie Rees, Jean Mendoza

Mexico and Latin America

  • Peoples Resist Empire in Latin America
    • Alicia Jrapko, Alice Loaiza, Antonio Pinto, Rick Sterling, Roger Harris, Carolina Dutton
  • Indigenous Communities Struggle for Autonomy in Education
    • Sudia Paloma McCaleb, Alestra Menendez, Kurt Kaaekkuahiwi
  • The politics of landlessness and solidarity with Indigenous struggles for land and rights in the US and Mexico
    • Arnoldo Garcia, Carolina Dutton, additional speakers TBA
  • How Indigenous Movements Decolonized History in Bolivia
    • Ben Dangl

Socialist Politics for Today

  • The Socialist Manifesto
    • Bhaskar Sunkara, additional speakers TBA
  • Eugene V. Debs and his meaning for the 21st Century
    • David Walters, additional speakers TBA

San Francisco History

  • On AIDS Activism and Estrangement, Sex and Solidarity: a conversation about Illuminations on Market Street, the new novel by Benjamin Heim Shepard
    • Benjamin Shepard and Jim Mitulski
  • Asian American Writings on the TWLF Strikes at SFSU and UC Berkeley
    • Harvey Dong, Juanita Tamayo Lott, Russell Jeung


  • Parenting in the Resistance
    • Dan Arel, additional speakers TBA

Confronting Sexual Violence

  • Love WITH Accountability: Digging Up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse
    • Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Rosa Cabrera, Cecelia Falls, Thea Matthews

Art, Culture and Resistance

  • STRIKE: A Musical Slide Performance by Eric Drooker
    • Eric Drooker
  • Advertising Shits in Your Head: Strategies for Resistance
    • Vyvian Raoul and local Bay Area artists, culture jammers, and subvertiser (TBA)
  • Working Class Heroes: A History of Struggle in Song
    • Mat Callahan and Yvonne Moore
  • The Politics of Punk
    • Alice Bag, Michelle Gonzales, Shawna Potter, Jason Heller, James Tracy (moderator)