Autonomy in the Air: The Indigenous Struggle in Mexico in the Present Context…

Presented by members of the Chiapas Support Committe Arnoldo Garcia, Carolina Dutton, Jose Placencia

Having just returned from the second joint assembly of the the National Indigenous Congress (CNI, Congreso Nacional Indígena) and the year old Indigenous Governing Council (CIG, Consejo Indígena de Gobierno) we will give updates and lead a discussion on:

  • New initiatives of the Zapatistas (EZLN), CNI and CIG
  • The ongoing fight against mega-projects that are destroying the environment and Indigenous communities
  • The CNI’s and Zapatista analysis of the incoming government and it’s impact on indigenous people of Mexico
  • The Indigenous-led movement for autonomy and against capitalism
  • The autonomous process of Zapatista self government using the seven princples of leading by obeying
  • How does the above effect our organizing here?

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 315
Arnoldo Garcia, Carolina Dutton, Jose Placencia