Destroying Mixed-Race Myths and Including Critical Multiraciality In Movement Making

As Mixed Race people have become one of the fastest growing U.S. demographics, we are suddenly seeing proliferation of wedge stereotypes about multiracial Americans as “post-racial” people who will “solve racism” by merely existing. Sharon H. Chang is an Asian Mixed writer and activist who has been racialized a “Hawai’i Girl” throughout her life though she has never lived in Hawai’i. In her new memoir, Hapa Tales and Other Lies, Sharon critiques the way mixed-race tropes are used to justify corporate tourism, militarism, dispossession of Indigenous Hawaiians and exploitation of the Hawaiian islands. In a time of political distress, we must include mixed-race people in movement making. But how do we affirm multiracial people while also challenging mixed-race narratives that are used to divide us from each other and the land we live on? Sharon will discuss her new book, her work as an activist, and strategies for plugging critical multiraciality into the fight for a better world.

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Room 320
Sharon H. Chang