Fighting the Far Right from Brazil to the US

The far right is on the rise. Brazil has just elected a new president that, by all accounts, is worse than Trump. Jair Bolsonaro is not only deeply racist, sexist, homophobic; not only does he love guns and want to fast track the destruction of the Amazon; he also thinks torture is a good idea, and that the only problem with the old Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985) is that it didn’t kill enough people. In addition to systemic violence perpetrated by the state, a Bolsonaro presidency will also mean raw violence on the streets against Black, Brown, LGBT, Indigenous, and poor Brazilians. This dynamic is frighteningly similar to what is happening in the United States since Trump was elected in 2016. Right-wing political leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro are also to blame because their warped bigotry and twisted conspiracy theories motivate actual acts of violence. Join us to learn more about Brazil, Bolsonaro, and how we can organize to fight and defeat the far right from Brazil to the US.

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Room 321
Bruno Ruviaro