Follow the Money: Flashpoints Radio Voices for Peace and Justice

If we follow the money, we find the root of the rot. That is the unifying theme of sixty-six incisive interviews with Dennis J. Bernstein on his Pacifica Radio Network KPFA Flashpoints program, in a just-released book, Follow the Money: Radio Voices for Peace and Justice, selected, transcribed and edited by Riva Enteen. The interviews, all during the Obama administration, are the writing on the wall that foreshadowed a Trump presidency. The book features a foreword by Mumia Abu-Jamal and is dedicated to the late great Robert Parry of Consortium News. The themes are: The New and Not so New Police State; The Class War; Domestic Dissent; Black Lives; Church, State, Women, and the Criminalization of Sexuality; Migration, Deportation, and US-Latino Culture; Global Militarization and Empire; Ongoing Bloodshed in the Holy Land; and There is No Plan(et) B. Luminaries include: Oliver Stone; Alice Walker; Phil Donahue; Ramsey Clark; Laura Flanders; Danny Glover

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Room 214
Riva Enteen, Antonia Juhasz, Deborah S. Rogers, Michael Kroll