From NYC to San Francisco: Building Community in Global Cities

How are residents building sustainable communities in an era global capitalism, which some argue fuels climate change? This panel considers efforts from NYC to San Francisco. Benjamin Shepard explores ways Brooklynites forge alternative models for sustainable urbanism for their globalizing borough (Brooklyn Tides,2018, Sustainable Urbanism, 2018). Valerie Francisco Menchavez (and colleagues) share how Filipina migrant women build communities of care in NYC and SF (The Labor of Care, 2018). César “Ché” Rodríguez shares lessons learned from activists, using sanctuary policies to defend undocumented community members, advancing abolitionism. Ron Hayduk and Kathleen Coll shed light on efforts by immigrants and their allies to expand notions of citizenship and gain voting rights in NY and SF (Remaking Citizenship 2018). This panel seeks to engage participants in ways of exploring effective community building strategies.

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Room 319
Kathleen Coll, Valerie Francisco, Benjamin Heim Shepard, Ron Hayduk