LGBTQ Lit(erature): Still Radical After All These Years

Fifty years after Stonewall, a generation of queer writers and readers comes of age trailing a legacy of history, literature, and busted-open closets. For many of today’s U.S. queers, the coming out story, HIV/AIDS narrative, triumph over bullying tale, or gay love story feels flat and unreflective of our lives, yet curators of mainstream queer culture continue to lean toward those archaic motifs (think “Carol” or “Simon”). How are today’s queer fiction writers bringing our perspective on gender and sexuality to stories rooted in broader struggles –immigration, colonization, climate change, and social upheaval? How are we pushing for our place in spaces where queers remain unwelcome? How do we create stories “queer enough” for the gatekeepers of a niche market without isolating ourselves from broader readership? What stories will speak to and challenge LGBTQ youth just beginning to define themselves?

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Room 314
Nancy Au, Carolina de Robertis, Steve Masover, Kate Raphael, Juliana Delgado Lopera