Pencils Down, Teachers on Strike

This past spring public school teachers in so called “red states” led the largest strike wave in recent history. Starting in West Virginia then spreading through other Republican dominated “right to work state” these strikes not only won massive gains for teachers and students, but also showed how to fight for all public sector workers. They also upended the oft-repeated caricature of working class trump voters leading the country backwards. Instead teachers from these “red states” have shown a way forward with successful victories against longstanding attacks on public schools. In this panel a leader from the state wide teachers’ strike in Arizona will join Bay Area teacher activists to discuss the impacts of this years strike wave and possibilities for ongoing struggle in both “red” and “blue” states.

Panelists Include:
Noah Karvelis – Member of Arizona Educators United
Ariela Rothstein – site rep. for United Educators of SF and organizing member of California Educators Rising
Tim Marshall – Member of Oakland Educators United and Democratic Socialists of America
Stephanie Schwartz – Member of Berkeley Federation Teachers and the International Socialist Organization

Event Timeslots (1)

Room 319
Noah Karvelis, Ariela Rothstein, Tim Marshall, Stephanie Schwartz