The Adventurer, the Ambassador, the Surgeon, and the Seamstress

Ardel Haefele-Thomas, author of Introduction to Transgender Studies will introduce readers to Dr. James Miranda Barry and Frances Thompson. Dr. Barry was assigned female at birth, but lived his entire life from the age of 12 onwards as a man. He apprenticed with a surgeon in London who worked on the South Bank in two hospitals that worked specifically with sex workers, the homeless, and other poor and working-class citizens in London. In the U.S., Frances Thompson, a trans woman, was a former slave who, in 1866, was one of a handful of African American women to stand before a congressional committee and testify against a group of white Southern men who had carried out a week of brutality against the African American community in South Memphis – known as the Memphis Massacre. These two people shed new understanding of transgender history.

Sponsored by the Social Justice Associates of Arts Program, City College of San Francisco.

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Room 215
A Closer Look at Four Historical Figures Who Cross-Dressed
Ardel Haefele-Thomas