Local and Global Success Stories in the Fight for Environmental Justice

Author and conservationist Liz Cunningham will tell the story of her award-winning book Ocean Country—the story of finding true hope amidst dire environmental and humanitarian crises. After a near-drowning accident in which she was temporarily paralyzed, Liz Cunningham crisscrossed the globe in an effort to understand the threats to our endangered oceans—a thrilling journey through unexpected encounters with conservationists, fishermen, sea nomads, and scientists, in the Mediterranean, Sulawesi, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Papua, New Guinea. Join us to hear Cunningham share stories and photographs about the amazing people she met, who showed her what true hope can be.

Bradley Angel of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice will discuss the decades-long environmental justice struggle in Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco. This low income community of color has suffered from decades of pollution, racism, poverty, neglect, and injustice, and is now facing major new threats due to gentrification and rising sea levels caused by climate change.  But despite overwhelming odds, the community has been winning victories against polluters, mega-developers, and pro-industry government agencies and politicians, including in the epic battle around the radioactive and toxic contaminated Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund site.

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Room 211
Liz Cunningham, Bradley Angel